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Infolytika Ventures is a consultancy and venture builder helping digital companies become AI first and reach their full potential

Today, data empowers all digital solutions. Value lies in the processing of data, ranging from only structuring to autonomous systems. In every single case, true intelligence lies in human-machine cooperation – and we take you there. We are a team of experts in machine learning, data visualization, UI/UX design and digital strategies, with particular experience in financial services.

Stop dressing your products with AI – start building AI first.
This is not the future, this is today.



Building AI-first ventures.
We build and accelerate startups turning AI challenges into functional solutions.

almax analytics

Yesterday, technology did not exist for processing facts in news for trading. Almax provides AI-based automated event and value extraction from news. Machine learning turns news facts into indicators and quantifies their impact in quant models.


A standardized risk rating for interconnected financial systems. Netrics quantifies vulnerability in financial systems by accounting for the interconnectedness of individual risk. It discerns relevant risk and understands its impact for the system as a whole.


Visualization dashboards connecting organizations with experts’ work. Make the data speak: find patterns, point to them, make annotations and discuss findings with colleagues. Facilitate and track collaboration around visualized data.


REKORDER is a FoodTech startup connecting locally produced food with consumers. A service that streamlines and structures order management for a growing market network with currently 250k active users and a turnover of €40+ mil.

Your project?

We build in-house ventures and incubate others. We and our ventures are constantly looking for talent. Are you a great developer looking for challenges? A data scientist looking for relevant problems? Get in touch to build!


Build better AI solutions.
We work with small and large companies looking for advanced AI solutions to their challenges.


An interactive tool for visual exploration of global networks of banking sector interlinkages using BIS data. The app provides networks and a broad palette of centrality metrics for more than 200 economies ranging back to the 1990s.


Full-fledged framework for crisis prediction modeling and eval­uation. The general web-based tool supports exploring model output via general and comparable results. It can be run locally on individual desktops, or shared over a network.


A platform for visual systemic risk analytics, with plots, maps and networks based on a range of economic data. A collaboration with RiskLab, for public awareness of models and data related to systemic risk.

Startup-Investor Network

SONEAN is a consultancy with intelligence for social network analysis. The joint tool enables combining our visualization technology with curated SONEAN data for visual exploration of ties between startups and investors.

Portfolio Simulation

Variances is a consultancy with expertise on advanced analytics for portfolio management. The joint tool allows simulating asset portfolios for given return/volatility expectations, and visualize various time trajectories.

Your project?

All organizations store valuable data that should be turned into insights. We build AI and machine learning based analytics solutions that solve problems and trigger action. Get in touch to let us know your needs!


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